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Traveling with your TRUE self

I just got back from visiting my sister that lives in Arkansas. (Why do we not pronounce it the way it is spelled?) It was a FABULOUS trip! I wanted to go and meet her new baby, and introduce her family to mine.

Completely necessary.


I would NOT have made the trip at all, if it weren’t for my older sister who booked the flights and told me I was going…


I will post more on the trip later. Today I have to comment on a few observations at the airport. The place where stress runs hotter than someone about to lose their flight!


There was a family (dad, mom, pre-teen daughter). They appeared to be flustered trying to determine if they were at the correct gate. He hollered at her. She rudely questioned him. He barked. She barked louder! When they finally found out they were at the right gate, they sat down – the daughter at a different set of chairs. They continued to bicker and make a scene.

The second couple I observed was also in a stressful situation. After leaving the plane, the wife realized she could not find her glasses. Agitated, she set her belongings in a seat close to me. She began the frantic search of pockets, books, bags – she even touched her head several times to see if they were up there! The entire time the husband stayed calm and supportive. He held items as she pulled them from her bag. He kindly offered suggestions on where they could be. He did not accuse or use words like: you should have or I told you.

After they decided to go back to the plane and look, I started to think – how traveling brings out your TRUE self. You can see how someone acts in a stressful situation, or reacts to a difficult person. Each person had a choice of how they were behaving. It was an honest, candid snapshot of these peoples’ lives.

Which brings me to my older sister. She KNEW I needed to get a break from my Littles at home. She sweetly helped me obtain boarding passes, carry bags, tuck my blanket behind my back so I didn’t flash everyone when I nursed my baby. She paid $8 for small bag of trail mix and three crackers because we didn’t get lunch and she was worried about my milk supply. She showed me her TRUE self during lots of little moments and the really stressful ones as we ran through the terminal with just minutes to make our connecting flight. And when my bag didn’t make the flight, she offered to lend me her clothes – even though NO amount of force could get my post baby body into her weights instructor/super model outfits!!!

She is constantly showing me who I want to be. Thanks, Dea, for always being my example!



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5 thoughts on “Traveling with your TRUE self

  1. Deanna Lamoreaux on said:

    It was a pleasure, truly my pleasure to travel with you Denise Da-Re! You see there are things in life with eternal importance like being a mom of six kiddos. (Not being an exercise guru.). And being any part of helping to lift such a heavy load is a joy! It was like spending a week with an angel. You my dear sister are a beautiful gift to my life! I’ll go anywhere with you!

  2. Teresa Valdez on said:

    I still reflect on the short time I got to work with Deanna! She inspired me to think of my actions and reaction to all the situations I was presented with… she is true to her heart and truly a wonderful person! I’m sure she has trials and tribulations, as we all do, but she faces them humbly with poise and grace. I am grateful and blessed to have had the experience and knowledge learned. Enjoy your sisterhood–

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