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Our Favorite Easter Tradition

My older sister is amazing and she has an amazing daughter. Five years ago we invited her over to dye Easter eggs with us. She spent the night and we had so much fun, we wanted to do it again the next year. And so a tradition began. Each year, we know that Easter weekend is our special time with our favorite Arizona cousin!

Here are my two oldest and cousin in 2010!


This year was no different. She came over Friday after school. The kids played. We ate pizza. Once the little boys were in bed, the older kids watched “Free Birds” (Funny, right? Watching a Thanksgiving movie on Easter!) They served themselves bowls of ice cream.

In the morning I made Easter egg waffles. (Nothing Pinterest worthy. I just had three bowls of batter colored yellow, pink, and green and then layered them in the waffle iron.) The kids sure loved them!


Then after the kitchen was cleaned, and the kids were dressed, we started coloring eggs!


I boiled FIVE DOZEN eggs! Luckily only three cracked while boiling. The kids loved to see the color tablets fizz and dissolve in the vinegar.

I like to slow the process down, so I give everyone ONE egg. That way they can take their time and really make it look good. Then I give them each another egg. We had fewer dropped eggs and only one bowl of dye get knocked over. Success!









Another Easter filled with fun memories for cousins!



P.S. After spending a full day with their favorite Arizona cousin, the kids get sad when she leaves. This year when she left, Enzo was taking his nap. When he woke up, he wandered around the house and in the backyard calling out for his cousin. When I told him that she left, he just sat there. Then Arianna started to cry. She talked about how she wished she could buy a street full of great houses and invite all of her aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents to move in. I LOVE the idea! We had better start saving. But until then, we KNOW we will have her NEXT Easter!


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One thought on “Our Favorite Easter Tradition

  1. You are one kind mom! Fun tradition!

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