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When You Don’t Take Your Own Advice…

A while back I posted my Top 10 Healthy Eating Habits. They are really great tips. They would be even better if I FOLLOWED THEM!

You know how it is. You are all excited to eat healthy foods and take care of your body. I have been like that for months. Somehow, I have failed to follow my own advice. So, I think I should address the other part of the equation.

BEFORE you recommit yourself to do anything, you must be prepared. Here are some good tips for making those changes actually come to fruition…

1. Write it Down. Don’t just imagine it, actually get a paper and pencil and write it down.
2. Be Specific. Don’t write, “I want to eat healthy foods.” Write, “My meal plan will include….”
3. Make it Obvious. Put your new goals in a place you will see them regularly. The mirror and fridge are two great choices.
4. Find a Partner in Crime. Do you know someone with a similar goal? Work together – it makes it more enjoyable and you can hold each other accountable.
5. Tell a Friend. If you tell someone close to you, they will check up on you. They might even slap you back into shape – only if they are a really good friend!
6. Set Mini-Goals. If you really want to lose 35 pounds, break it up into smaller goals. Losing 5 pounds seems more doable, so start with that and then keep going.
7. Celebrate Achievements. When you reach your goal – celebrate! Get a pedicure, buy a dress in your new smaller size, or take your family to a fun new park. Just don’t celebrate by eating unhealthily.

Well, here is to recommitting myself (again). I know I can do it. I just need to DO IT!!!

What tips did I miss? What helps you be successful? Leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments…


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