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TIME. A four letter word.

I LOVE to read. Though I cannot remember which books I read as a child, I have vivid memories of my mom taking us to the library during the summer. The library was cold and there was a wall sized photo of our farming town.

We would try to find books using the card catalog (Are they even around any more? I would love to own one….) and then write down the call number on tiny slips of paper with golf pencils. Then at the shelves, sometimes we would find the book. If not, back to the card catalog…

My family┬ádidn’t own more than 20 books, so I always looked forward to “Library Day”. Then at home, we had all the time in the world to just devour the books we checked out.

Now, I carry on the tradition with my own Littles. It is different though. We use the computer to reserve books before we even get there. I doubt they would even know how to use a card catalog – let alone know what it was if they were standing in front of it!

I still check out piles of books, but don’t always get to read them. TIME. It is a four letter word! There are lists of books I would read, if only I had more TIME.

I guess that is why I have only posted 16 times on this blog. TIME.

It is why I have yet to finish the wooden 4th of July decoration I bought in April. TIME.

The reason I haven’t updated the Littles’ memory books in over a year. TIME.

And now, we are just hours away from one year ending. I am literally out of time to do so many things I had planned for 2014.

So if I were to make a New Year’s Resolution, it would be find more time… or make more time… or buy some time… or a time machine?!?!?

No. It is to be better about MANAGING my precious TIME. I CAN accomplish more, if I would just use the minutes God has given me in a more productive way.

So, what are your awesome Time Management secrets??? Really. I need to know!


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